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MVME5500-0161, ESD-23
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The MVME5500 uses the MPC7457 processor running at 1 GHz, balanced with memory, dual independent local buses and I/O subsystems.

The powerful Marvell system controller, with support for a 133 MHz host bus and a 133 MHz SDRAM memory bus, is well matched to the high speed processor.

To match the system I/O to the outstanding processor performance, the MVME5500 provides dual 64-bit, 33/66 MHz PCI buses. Each PCI bus has a PMC site supporting cards running at 33 or 66 MHz. The Universe II VME interface and PMCspan connector are isolated from the PMC sites on a dedicated 33 MHz PCI bus segment so that both PMC sites are capable of 66 MHz operation.

The MVME5500 also offers a Gigabit Ethernet interface, a 10/100BaseTX Ethernet interface and two serial ports. All of this adds up to a set of well-balanced, high-performance subsystems for unparalleled performance.

The MVME5500 series is designed to meet the needs of OEMs including those in defense and aerospace, industrial automation and transportation. Customers looking for a technology refresh for their application while maintaining backward compatibility with their existing VMEbus infrastructure can upgrade to the MVME5500 series and take advantage of the enhanced performance features.

  • 6HE Single-Slot Board mit Motorola MPC7455 Prozessor 1GMHz
  • 32K/32K L1 Cache
  • 256/26K L2 Cache
  • 2MB L3 Cache
  • 40MB on-board FLASH 8MB gesockelt
  • PMC
  • MVME761 compatible P2-I/O IPMC761 Module
  • 10/100/1000BaseTX Gigabit Ethernet Interface
  • 10/100BaseTX Fast Ethernet Interface
  • 0°C bis 55°C